Blazingly fast rotating 4G mobile proxies from India

Highly customizable, budget friendly, and very stable. We do not resell proxies, we own all our proxy servers.

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Proxy built to work without any headache

Finding a good mobile proxy is hard. A stable one is even harder to come across. We built oxyproxy to rule out all the pains related to mobile proxy.


Dedicated sim cards

Every proxy you buy is made with a dedicated sim card that is used only by you.

Rotate IP fast

We allow our proxies to be rotated once every 2 minutes with an API link.


We support both http and socks proxy. You can access them in any mode you wish.

All sites unlocked

We do not block any website. You can access everything that is accessible in India.

On the edge to provide the best experience

We are listening to our customers and constantly evolving the service to ensure it is the best one out there. Working hard towards making sure that oxyproxy is your first choice for mobile proxies.


99% uptime

We have our power backup and redundant hardware to offer the maximum uptime.

We own the servers

All proxy you buy is hosted on our servers and hardware. We do not resell proxies.

User support

For any issues you have, we try our best to solve them in no time.

Highest standards

Our proxies are premium, private, and very budget friendly.

So many features, still easy on your wallet

We offer our services at $30 per proxy and you get unlimited access to the proxy for a month. If you are willing to buy a lot of proxies, kindly contact us, for discounts on bulk orders.

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